Blow the Man Down (III)

As I was a-walking down fair London Street
To me weigh, hey, blow the man down!
A charming young lady I chanced for to meet
Give me some time to blow the man down

I fired off my bow gun to make her heave to;
She backed her main topsail, the signal she knew

I hailed her in English and asked her the news:
"This morning from Sally Port, sir, bound for a cruise

Then I hove out my tow rope and took her in tow,
And away to the grog shop poor Jack he did go

Then he wanted to board her without more delay,
"Come along, then, young man, if you're able", said she

The she took me to a house of ill fame,
It was the sign of the ship in Water Lane

She had some whiskey and I had some rum,
She asked me if I would see her back home

We went home together and to bed we did go,
But what we did there I surely don't know!

We had a drink, maybe two, three or four
And in the morning I woke stretched on the floor

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